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Title: Appetizer

Author: keyla_yeppo 

Pairing: Kyuhyun/Yoochun (don’t even ask!), veryninja! Yunjae and ZhouRy

Genre: Smut

Rating: definite NC-17

Disclaimer: I own the plot but not the boys. If someone wants to give them to me as a present, I won’t refuse ;)

Summary: Kyuhyun and Yoochun forgot to order the appetizer for their dinner and their main course was taking so long to arrive. They decided to take the appetizer issue into their own hands.

Warning: unbeta-ed. Well, only by Microsoft Word


A/N: *facepalmed* I’m not even sure of what just happened. It’s supposed to be this super fluffy fic about the long awaited meeting between those two, lots of sweet words from Yoochun’s part and lots of happy smiles from Kyu’s part. Those two are so incredibly hot I couldn’t help but to write this. Anyways, this is my first smut so please forgive the many mistakes this fic contains.




Many people think, fangirls to be exact, that in the LaLa world of Super Junior and TVXQ! KyuMin and YooSu exist. Or in Kyuhyun’s part, KyuMi as well. That’s not what happened, actually. Truth be told, those couples didn’t exist in the first place. It was all a sham set up by their management to gain more fans. In reality, Yoochun and Kyuhyun had been dating a year after Kyuhyun joined Super Junior. It was attraction at the first sight (no matter how many times Kyuhyun teased Yoochun that it was love at the first sight not attraction, DBSK’s dandy boy Yoochun didn’t want to admit that he did fall for the younger guy at the first sight). Yoochun had met Kyuhyun through DBSK magnae who is a close friend of Kyuhyun. He had heard from his bandmates about the new addition in Super Junior lining. A tall, handome boy with a boyish charm and a gentle smile (Jaejoong’s words which were denied by a jealous Jung Yunho) with a snark and impudent personality like their magnae (Junsu’s words which were denied vehemently by Changmin).


February 1st was their third anniversary and Yoochun had especially come back to Korea from Japan to celebrate the occasion. He made a reservation in an Italian restaurant where they also celebrated their first anniversary. He even bought a suit for the occasion, knowing how much Kyuhyun loved seeing him in a suit. It gave him such a turn on, Kyuhyun once said. Here they were, sitting facing each other in one corner of the restaurant with hands linked under the table. They had ordered the food and spent the time waiting for it by talking about random things. Yoochun looked lovingly at his boyfriend who was telling his stories about his stay in China during Super Junior M promotion. Yoochun chuckled at Kyuhyun’s story about Zhoumi’s recent mistake on stage. He looked around and noticed that although there were many people inside the restaurant, they didn’t pay attention to an idol couple in the corner.Yoochun quickly raised Kyuhyun's hand that he held and kissed it for a good 5 seconds. Kyuhyun smiled with half-lidded eyes. 'God, he’s definitely hotter than the last time I saw him', Yoochun thought. All Yoochun wanted to do was drag him to somewhere quite and have his way with him.


And he blamed me for laughing at him. I mean, was it my fault that he made that mistake? He then ran to Henry to trashtalk about me. I say he just wanted some lovey-dovey time with his mochi boy”, Kyuhyun scrunched his nose in slight disgust at the thought. Yoochun laughed at his expression.


Yeah, I’m sure Zhoumi just wanted some. He just used that as a reason so Hankyung-hyung and Jungsu-hyung wouldn’t get angry at him for taking advantage of their baby”, Yoochun said with a grin etched on his handsome face. Kyuhyun snickered at his boyfriend’s remark.


"Oh God, what's taking so long? Why hasn’t the food arrived? I'm starving" Kyuhyun whined. Yoochun leaned forward and pecked him on the lips. 'Should he be so cute like that?' Yoochun thought. They waited in a peaceful silence for a while with Kyuhyun swaying his feet under the table. The movement stopped and suddenly, Yoochun swore he saw a mischievous glint in Kyuhyun's eyes. His lover giggled cutely at his raised eyebrows.


With no warning at all, Yoochun suddenly felt Kyuhyun's toes trailed Yoochun's left leg from outside his pants. Yoochun had no idea when Kyuhyun took off his shoes. Kyuhyun's long legs made him able to reach across the table and rubbed Yoochun's thighs with his right leg. Yoochun gulped, his lover was smiling innocently as if what happened under the table wasn't happening at all. Their linked hands were still intact. Kyuhyun rubbed Yoochun's thigh harder, his foot slowly slipped to the place where a hard meat was slowly growing. Yoochun had to stifle a moan at the thought Kyuhyun pleasuring him in a public place.


Kyuhyun's foot finally rested on Yoochun's crocth. It rested there without moving. By that time, Yoochun was hard already. He moved a little bit so he could get a friction with Kyuhyun's foot. Kyuhyun smirked and started to rub Yoochun's cock from outside his pants. Yoochun closed his eyes at the erotic sensation he was feeling. God, he wanted so bad to fuck Kyuhyun right then and there. Suddenly, Kyuhyun released their hands and got up. The fake innocent smile on his face was still intact.


"I'm going to the restroom" Kyuhyun announced. He walked across the restaurant to the restroom with his hips swaying a little. Before he entered the restroom, he looked back at Yoochun and licked his lips seductively. 'Fuck!' Yoochun thought. He got up as well and strode to where Kyuhyun was.


He jerked open the restroom door. He entered and locked the door. When he turned around, Kyuhyun was already by the sink, leaning against it. His eyes clouded with lust. Yoochun walked towards Kyuhyun and immediately kissed him hard and wet. One hand was on Kyuhyun's neck and the other gropped his butt while Kyuhyun had his hands encircling Yoochun's neck. They kissed for a long time before they broke it off to inhale some air.


"The food’s taking a long time and I figured since we didn’t order some appetizer we could have some before we eat the main course" Kyuhyun said, his hand already on Yoochun's crotch.


"Appetizer sounds so good, babe" Yoochun panted. With a quick handiwork, Kyuhyun had unbuckled Yoochun's pants, left it pooling between their feet and before long his hands already squeezed Yoochun's swollen cock. Yoochun moaned at the contact.


"Do you know who I missed the most while I was in China? I missed little Yoochunnie so much" Kyuhyun whispered seductively against Yoochun's lips. He started to stroke his lover's cock up and down. He teased the slit that was already wet with precum and Yoochun moaned heavily. "I missed little Yoochunnie's cum" Kyuhyun said and the next thing Yoochun knew Kyuhyun was already on his knees and licked his hard cock in long licks.


Without waiting for Yoochun to properly digest what's happening, Kyuhyun already engulfed Yoochun's cock in his mouth and sucked it hard like it's his favorite lollypop.


"Ohhh God... Kyuhyunn... Ahhnnn" Yoochun entangled his fingers in Kyuhyun's hair. His hips involuntarily jerked forward. Kyuhyun's hands covered the base of the cock that his mouth couldn't cover; stroking and squeezing hard before moving to Yoochun's balls. Yoochun felt like he was in heaven. The mouth that was engulfing his cock didn't show signs like it was gonna stop soon.


Kyuhyun released Yoochun's cock with a loud pop, hands still stroking it up and down. "Does little Yoochunnie like that? Hmm?" Kyuhyun asked in front of Yoochun's cock that was dripping wet with precum. Kyuhyun licked the precum that was on the tip of Yoochun's cock before engulfing it once more.


"Jesus! So fucking good, Kyuhyun ah! Suck it harder, baby. Suck my cock harder" Yoochun's encouragement only made Kyuhyun got bolder with his actions. Kyuhyun could feel Yoochun's cock twitch, a sign he's gonna cum soon. He sucked it harder and harder, head bobbing up and down to help Yoochun reached his release. Yoochun moaned loudly at Kyuhyun's ministrations. He didn't care anymore if someone could hear him moaning like this. Kyuhyun certainly knew what he did.


"Ohhh Goddd.. Baby, I'm gonna cum! Baby, ohhhh... mmmmhhhh... I'm gonna cummm... AHHHHHHHHHHH... I'M CUMMINGGGGGG" Yoochun screamed so loud Kyuhyun swore other customers in the restaurant heard it. Yoochun cummed so hard inside Kyuhyun's mouth. Kyuhyun swallowed Yoochun's cum, not wasting a drop. Yoochun panted hard above him while he sucked him clean. He still held Yoochun's cock in his hands when he got off the floor. One hand going up to Yoochun's neck, encircling it.


Yoochun kissed Kyuhyun hard. He could taste his own cum when his tongue was exploring Kyuhyun's warm cavern. God, his lover was so fucking hot. He was so lucky to have him. They made out for a good 15 minutes; Yoochun's hands explored Kyuhyun's slender body while Kyuhyun rested both of his hands on Yoochun's neck. Yoochun rubbed Kyuhyun's nipples from outside his shirt. Kyuhyun moaned on his lips as the result, his lover’s moans went straight to his reviving cock. Yoochun's hands now rested on his lover's butt, groping and squeezing hard. It's his turn now to unbuckle Kyuhyun's pants. Kyuhyun wiggled a little before his pants were completely off and kicked it off to the side. He's naked now from the waist downward. Kyuhyun rubbed his hard erection against Yoochun’s cock which was now as hard as a rock once again. Yoochun hissed at the pleasure the friction brought out. He rubbed his cock harder against Kyuhyun’s as a result and Kyuhyun let out a long low moan.


Their mouths continued their battle for dominance in which Yoochun won. He stuck out 3 fingers in front of Kyuhyun's mouth, eyes asking Kyuhyun to coat it with saliva. Kyuhyun licked and sucked Yoochun's fingers seductively like he did to his lover's cock a few minutes ago. Yoochun couldn't stand the sight before him and released his fingers from Kyuhyun's mouth before he attacked it with his own mouth. Yoochun trailed his kisses along Kyuhyun's jaw while his fingers slowly trailed to Kyuhyun's entrance. He squeezed Kyuhyun's butt once more he slipped his middle finger into Kyuhyun's waiting hole. Kyuhyun arched his back and moaned a little at the sudden intrusion.


Without waiting for Kyuhyun to adjust, he shoved another finger inside the hot hole. Yoochun started scissoring the tight ring, preparing it for his cock later. Kyuhyun's moans and pleas filled his left ear and Yoochun couldn't help but to go deeper inside the hole and search for that spot that would make his lover scream in pleasure.


Kyuhyun's sight became hazy; the fingers inside him were too much. "Ughhh... Ohhh... Mmmhhh... Chunnieee", Kyuhyun found himself moaning unintelligible words at Yoochun's actions. Suddenly, Yoochun's fingers brushed that spot inside him that made him bucked his hips forward and moaned out loud in pleasure. He let go of Yoochun and turned around in the sink. He raised his left leg on the sink and turned his head to look at Yoochun. "Fuck me. Now", he commanded.


Yoochun wasted no time. He gripped Kyuhyun's hips and started to rub his erection against Kyuhyun's waiting hole. Kyuhyun whimpered, "Either fuck me now or you'll never get it for the rest of your life". Yoochun smirked. He shoved all of his length in one movement, Kyuhyun cried out his name at that. The heat around his cock was too much. It felt so good after a long time. They hadn’t had sex in more than 3 months. He started to thrust his cock in and out of Kyuhyun in a slow motion, not wanting it to end so soon despite his burning desire.


Kyuhyun tried so hard to keep his moans in control but his efforts were gone into thin air. Yoochun's cock felt so hot inside of him. "Fasterrr... Fasterr, Chunnie", he begged of Yoochun. Yoochun complied with his lover's wish, thrusting his hardened cock faster and deeper inside Kyuhyun. He tried to angle his cock to find the bundle of nerves that drove his lover crazy. A high-pitched moan from his lover told Yoochun that he'd found it. He plunged his cock harder to abuse that spot and his lover could only moan his name at that. He reached one hand to the front of Kyuhyun's body in search for the boy's cock and once he found it, he stroked it in time with his thrusts.


Kyuhyun arched his back and let out a strangled moan at the pleasure his body felt. His cock was being taken care of by his lover and his hole was being filled by his lover's hot cock. He could feel something built in the base of his stomach. The muscles of his hole started to clenched tighter against Yoochun's cock that made Yoochun let out an animalistic growl. Yoochun knew his lover was so close. He bit down on Kyuhyun's shoulder and left a mark there to announce to the world the boy who was writhing in pleasure under him was his and his only.


"Cum for me, baby. Cum for me hard", Yoochun whispered seductively into Kyuhyun's ear. At his words, Kyuhyun cummed hard on the sink. His cum splurted out from his cock to the sink. His hole tightened even more and Yoochun cummed so hard for the second time inside his hole. Yoochun fell onto Kyuhyun's back, exhausted. "That was incredible", Kyuhyun panted out those words. He could feel Yoochun's cum trickled down his thighs and he knew nothing could be hotter than this. He could feel Yoochun's chuckles against his back. Yoochun kissed his lover's sweaty back. "You are one naughty boy, Cho Kyuhyun", Yoochun retaliated.


Kyuhyun smirked and Yoochun could see that from the reflection in the mirror. "Yeah? Well, maybe you could punish me, teach me how to behave", Kyuhyun replied back. Yoochun kissed his lover's neck one last time before he pulled out of Kyuhyun. "You think I won't? I will certainly do that but I think we have to eat first. Recharge our energy for your punishment", Yoochun smugly said while he cleaned his lover's body with the available tissue. They both got dressed hurriedly and once they’re done Kyuhyun ran off towards the door. Before he could open the door, Yoochun grabbed his wrist and turned Kyuhyun around. He gave one last lingering kiss before they had to get out of the restroom. “If it were Zhoumi, I’m sure he’d say that you used the appetizer reason to get some from me”, Yoochun smirked on Kyuhyun’s lips. “Like I care what he’d say besides I didn’t hear you complaining”, Kyuhyun replied back, fingers trailing the hem of Yoochun’s shirt. They both grinned at each other and hurriedly got out of the restroom door, acting like nothing happened in the restroom and they were in there to do the usual business.


Oh yes, sex is their usual business.




A/N: Sooo… how was it? Good? Bad? Forgive the ending, my mind just suddenly stopped working after the smut scene was done *snicker*. Do tell me what you think. I’d love to hear some inputs from you so I can do better in my next smut fics ;)


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Title: Home

Author: keyla_yeppo

Pairing: KiHyun (Kibum/Kyuhyun)

Genre: not really sure… fluff? I don’t know…

Rating: General

Warning: beta-ed only by Microsoft Word

Disclaimer: I own the boys plot



Another summer day

Is come and gone away

In Paris and Rome

But I wanna go home

Maybe surrounded by

A million people I

Still feel all alone

I just wanna go home

Oh I miss you, you know


It is raining hard outside and Kibum starts to feel the chill emitted from the rain. Kibum is lying in his bed; inside one of the many hotels he stays in whenever he has a shooting. Kibum never really likes sleeping in a hotel. There’s just something about hotel rooms that he finds uncomfortable about. Oh okay, just scratch that. Kibum just doesn’t like to sleep alone. Sleeping in a hotel room meaning he has to sleep alone. For years, Kibum is used to sleeping with other people in the dorm so when he sleeps alone like this, he just feels like something’s missing. No, no, not the snores that Youngwoon-hyung produces in his sleep or the sleeptalks from Donghae-hyung but the sense of security and of togetherness that Kibum always misses.

Kibum misses all of his Super Junior brothers but Kibum has to admit that he misses one particular member the most, the magnae. Kibum was used to being the magnae until Kyuhyun came along. For the first time in his life, he is a hyung to somebody. He remembers the first impression he got from Kyuhyun. The boy looked too cold, too collected, and too distant. Kibum didn’t really care back then. He was known as Super Junior’s Ice Prince anyway. It was not his job to go all friendly with the new member; it was Jungsu’s and Donghae’s. But one changed it all.

Hyukjae lost to him for the umpteenth time in the Winning Eleven game and Kibum started to feel bored. ‘Isn’t there anyone in this dorm worth having a battle with?’ he thought. That’s when Kyuhyun stepped in. Later that night, he didn’t only find a person worth having a Winning Eleven battle with (for he lost 7 times straight to Kyuhyun that night) but he also found a bestfriend and a precious little brother. Tonight, like any other night that followed that incident, Kibum misses his little brother.


And I've been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you

Each one a line or two

"I'm fine baby, how are you?"

Well I would send them but I know that it's just not enough

My words were cold and flat

And you deserve more than that


It’s not like they don’t contact each other at all. They call each other, many times a day if they both are not busy and only twice a day if they’re busy. They send text messages to each other in between Kyuhyun’s vocal practice and Kibum’s shooting. They send emails if they have something big to tell the other because text messages aren’t enough to convey their feelings and phone calls can be barely made due to their busy schedule. But deep inside, they know.

Phone calls are not the same as talking to each other face to face. Kibum misses seeing the twinkle in the magnae’s eyes when he’s excited, the gloom when he’s sad, and the glint when the younger is being mischievous. Text messages are not the same as the times their shoulders touch when they sit together on the couch, playing the PlayStation until morning or the times they snicker behind their hyungs’ backs when they manage to pull a prank on them, being totally annoying to their hyungs for a day. Emails are not the same as cramping in Kyuhyun’s or Kibum’s bed at night. They just lie there in the dark, side by side. Sometimes they talk but most of the time they don’t, just feeling each other’s presence is enough. To them, there are things that can’t be described with words. These are the times when they try to surmise each other’s thoughts and lace their fingers together if one of them shivers.


And I feel just like I'm living someone else's life

It's like I just stepped outside

When everything was going right

And I know just why you could not

Come along with me

But this was not your dream

But you always believe in me


It feels so right yet so wrong, being here. Kibum has always dreamed of being an actor. That’s why he auditioned for SM but apparently fate has brought him to another direction. Now, he is a singer first then an actor. He is Super Junior’s Kibum first then Kim Kibum the actor, not that Kibum minds. He is, after all, a Super Junior member and Kibum is proud of it. Kibum remembers the first drama offer he received. He was so excited yet so anxious. This was his lifelong dream but he cowered in front of it. And just like that night, when Kibum was bored to death for winning so many times of Winning Eleven game over Hyukjae, Kyuhyun stepped in.

They cramped in Kibum’s bed that night. Silence reigned over them as Kibum felt Kyuhyun’s hand grasped his own hand under the blanket. “The script is really good. I think you should take it. There won’t be a chance like this again,” Kibum remembers Kyuhyun saying that. Kibum tightened his hand on Kyuhyun at that. Kyuhyun lightly chuckled and continued saying,”well, we won’t have much time together but hey, this is your dream. I say, seize it! You’ve wanted to do this all your life, just as much as I want to sing my heart out on stage. It’s not like we won’t see each other again. What is the function of the cellphone then? Come on, Kibum! I know you can do it!”

Kibum remembers laughing at the magnae’s encouragement. He lightly punched Kyuhyun’s shoulder. The next day, Kibum signed the contract with a determination in his mind, ‘I will make my little brother proud!”


Another winter day has come

And gone away

And even Paris and Rome

And I wanna go home

Let me go home

And I'm surrounded by

A million people I

Still feel alone

Oh, let go home

Oh, I miss you, you know


Kibum is still tossing around in his bed. He hasn’t seen his little brother since Super Show II After Party and now he misses him so much. Kibum glances at the clock on the nightstand. It says 03.49 AM. Kibum is sure that the magnae’s not asleep yet. After all, they spent so much time together playing games until morning. He reaches for his phone under his pillow. He immediately calls the person whose cellphone number he remembers by heart. He waits for several seconds before the person on the other line picks up his call. His body visibly relaxes when he hears the other person’s voice. With a smile plastered on his face, he says, “I miss you, dongseng”


Let me go home

I've had my run

Baby, I'm done

I gotta go home

Let me go home

It will all be allright

I'll be home tonight

I'm coming back home



A/N: because I miss Kibum so damn much…

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Title: Other Side of the World

Author: keyla_yeppo

Pairing: broken! WonTeuk, SiChul, and KangTeuk

Genre: a little bit of angst

Rating: General

Warning: Unbetaed

Disclaimer: I only own the plot, not the boys


Summary: The hardest part of loving someone is knowing when to let go and knowing when to say goodbye


A/N: shaniskara Have I fulfilled your need of WonTeuk? Inspired by KT Tunstall’s Other Side of the World. I changed the lyrics a little bit so it would fit the storyline. Anyways, enjoy!



Over the sea and far away

He's waiting like an iceberg

Waiting to change

But he's cold inside

He wants to be like the water

All the muscles tighten in his face

Buries his soul in one embrace

They're one and the same

Just like water



He saw him smiling. He saw him laughing. He saw him fooling around. But he did that with another person, not him. Those days were over. The days when he would hug him, only him. The days when he would smile at him, only him. The days when he would kiss him gently before going to sleep or anytime they had a chance. He thought that maybe if he gave him some space, some time to reevaluate their relationship then Siwon would realize that his love is only for Leeteuk. But how Leeteuk was so wrong. He wouldn’t come to back to him because his loved one already fell for someone else.


Siwon already fell for Heechul.


There were days when he would’ve to witness Siwon being all lovey-dovey around Heechul. And those days were the days when a little piece of his heart died. Just like that day when he walked out of his room to get something to drink, he saw Siwon kissing Heechul on the lips. And Leeteuk could see from the way Siwon leaned into the kiss, the way Siwon’s hands held Heechul’s head, the way Siwon looked into Heechul’s eyes after the kiss. In Siwon’s eyes, he could see so much love, more than he ever gave to Leeteuk. So he turned around with watery eyes and ran to his room for he was unable to watch that scene anymore. Leeteuk threw himself to his bed and cried for the whole night before he fell asleep.


The fire fades away

Most of every day

Is full of tired excuses

But it's too hard to say

I wish it were simple

But we give up easily

You're close enough to see that

You're the other side of the world to me



 Is it something that he did? Or maybe something that he said? He didn’t understand. He tried so hard to find the answer as to why Siwon left him but he couldn’t find an answer to that. Except for the thing Siwon said when they broke up almost five months ago. “I’m in love with someone else,” that was what Siwon said when he called off their relationship. And even until now, Leeteuk couldn’t bring himself to understand why Siwon would fall for someone else. Was he not loving enough? Was he not caring enough? Was he not understanding enough?


But Leeteuk knew when this was all started. It had started since Heechul kissed Siwon during SM Town concert in Bangkok. Everyone in Super Junior knew that Siwon always had a crush on Heechul. It showed in the way he treated Heechul. Siwon was always so gentle and patient towards Heechul even though sometimes Heechul liked to yell at him. So it was such a huge shock for everyone to know that Siwon and Leeteuk dated. But what the members didn’t know was that since the first time Leeteuk laid his eyes on Siwon, he was in love with the younger.

When Siwon confessed to him and asked him out, he thought that maybe, just maybe, Siwon already got over his crush on Heechul and realized he was better off with Leeteuk. Leeteuk felt that he couldn’t be happier. The person he loved asked him to be his boyfriend but apparently the happiness didn’t last long. After the kiss, Siwon started to get distant. He spent more time with Heechul like he used to rather than he did with his boyfriend. He would prioritize Heechul more than he did to Leeteuk. And the one thing that Leeteuk feared the most became reality. That Siwon hadn’t actually gotten over Heechul. That he used Leeteuk only as Heechul’s replacement. That all along, Siwon had loved Heechul, not Leeteuk. And that all along, Heechul loved Siwon too; he just didn’t know how to voice that out. And Siwon, knowing that Heechul returned his feelings, broke up with Leeteuk.

Soon Siwon and Heechul started dating. And Leeteuk came home late every night, terribly drunk, became a familiar sight for the members. Leeteuk knew he’s just destroying himself but he didn’t give it a damn. He’s brokenhearted, he reasoned out. It was normal for brokenhearted people to get drunk. One day, he was drunk so bad that he fainted at the entrance of their dorm. Leeteuk thought that since other members were already asleep, no one would be able to help to get him to his bad. That was until he felt a pair of arms silently carried him to his bedroom. Leeteuk’s mind was kinda fuzzy and he couldn’t see clearly the person who helped him. But somehow he knew that it was Kangin.

The self-declared Korea’s Number 1 handsome guy gently put him in his bed. Kangin put Leeteuk’s fluffy white blanket on top of Leeteuk’s body for he knew that the older wasn’t one for the cold air. Kangin stroked Leeteuk’s hair. His gestures were gentle and caring and Leeteuk couldn’t help but to feel warm deep inside. Leeteuk murmured a thanks and Kangin kept doing the same administration for a couple of minutes before saying,”You’re just destroying yourself, Hyung”. For a brief moment, Leeteuk felt angry. ‘What did he think he knew about broken heart?’ Leeteuk thought. “Shut up!! I know what I’m doing to myself and you don’t have a right to tell me what to do”, Leeteuk yelled with a slurry voice.

“You know what, Hyung? It absolutely hurts when you see someone you love happy with someone else but it is more painful to see him unhappy with you. I think that you will know that you truly love someone when you want him to be happy even if that means you’re not a part of their happiness. Sometimes it’s letting go that makes one strong,” Kangin whispered with somewhat a sad voice. Leeteuk was slightly appalled, his drunken state slowly disappeared, but his previous anger didn’t want to leave so he shot back, “You don’t know what it feels like to be me. To be used as a replacement, to have yourself deluded that the person you love loved you back while all this time, he didn’t. All this time, all you have is a one-sided love”.

Kangin stared intently into Leeteuk’s eyes. Was that sadness and hurt in Kangin’s eyes? “Trust me, Hyung. I know”, with that said, Kangin got up from the bed and got out of the room. Leeteuk was left confused. All he remembered before he dozed off was Kangin’s eyes that filled with hurt and sadness as if saying that deep inside he’s hurt too, more than Leeteuk, for the person Kangin loved never once looked in his way and Leeteuk had a feeling he knew who the person was.


On comes the panic light

Holding on with fingers and feelings alike

But the time has come

To move along



He sees him smiling. He sees him laughing. He sees him fooling around. But all that he does that with another person, not him. But as time passes by, it doesn’t hurt that much more. He doesn’t cry every night before sleeping. His heart isn’t clenched everytime he sees him whispering sweet nothings into Heechul’s ear. He is… fine. As fine as any brokenhearted people can be. And he’s satisfied with just that. It’s time for him to get over him. To enjoy his life and maybe, if God permits, to fall in love again. He smiles. ‘It’s not that bad of an idea’, he muses. He looks over his shoulder. There they are, cuddling in the couch together. He can see Siwon whispering something and kissing Heechul’s temple continuously while Heechul tries to prevent himself from blushing by crossing his hands over his chest, pouting, and looking anywhere else beside his lover’s eyes. But this time, he walks away with a smile.


Can you help me?

Can you let me go?

And can you still love me

When you can't see me anymore?



He’s standing inside his shared bedroom with his back facing the door after making his bed early in the morning when he feels a pair of arms on his waist and someone puts his chin on his shoulder. The arms on his waist feel so warm… and loving. He smiles softly as he leans back a little into the warm embrace. The owner of the arms kisses his left cheek softly and with a husky but gentle voice he says, “Morning, Love”. Leeteuk’s smile gets wider. As he turns around and encircles his arm around his lover’s neck, he kisses his lips and says, “Morning, Youngwoon”.



A/N: I failed, didn’t I? Anyways, comments are <3

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Title: A Sleepless Night
Author: keyla_yeppo
Pairing: Kangin/Eeteuk, cameo of Donghae
Genre: Fluff
Rating: General
Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys but I own the fic

Warning: Unbetaed
Summary: Eeteuk has a sleepless night


Slightly related to Heartbeat

 (A/N: I say slightly because this is just the continuation of what happens after Heartbeat but not closely related to Heartbeat)


It’s 2 o’clock in the morning and Eeteuk still can’t go to sleep. Eeteuk will wake up irritated if he doesn’t get enough sleep. Truth be told, Eeteuk is not a kind of person who has difficulties in sleeping but tonight is an exception. He has literally done everything to help him sleep (even counting the sheep) but all he gets is he’s more awake than before. In his left side, Donghae had already fallen asleep since he jumped onto the bed hours ago. Eeteuk is still tossing around in his bed and suddenly his mind wanders to a special person named Kangin (or whom Eeteuk prefers to call Youngwoon).

After confessing his love for the younger man two years ago after his accident, Eeteuk and Kangin have been in a special relationship. The members know it and they can’t be even happier to know that their parents finally end up together because they know how much they deserve one another. Eeteuk closes his eyes and smiles remembering their first kiss they shared in the hospital after he woke up from the accident. Eeteuk realized at that time, if he was so unlucky then he wouldn’t be here. He wouldn’t be able to tell Kangin how much he loves him.

The smile vanished as fast as it appeared. Eeteuk suddenly remembers his struggles after the accident. The stitches on his back had made him unable to dance and did other vigorous activities because it would only rip them open. The doctor had forbid him to return to his full schedules for almost a month thus he was often left behind in the dorm. He remembers, as cold shivers running down through his spine, his trauma of getting into a car for he’s scared that another accident would occur. He also doesn’t forget that every night he silently cried in his bed for what happened to the magnae, blaming himself for not being able to protect Kyuhyun.

A lone tear escapes and Eeteuk closes his mouth with his right hand to prevent himself from sobbing. But then he remembers, Kangin was there all along. When he sulked in the corner in the dance studio because he was still prohibited to dance, Kangin stopped his dance practice and sat with him, watching the other members continued practicing as hands intertwined and smiles tugged at the corner of their lips. When he was left behind in the dorm, Kangin came to the dorm in between breaks of his packed schedule. He came just to hug Eeteuk, kissed his lips softly and chatted with him for a bit before dashing off to attend another schedule. Eeteuk could smile all day long; feeling that even a couple of minutes with Kangin were enough for him because he knew at the end of the day, Kangin would always come back to him.

When he got into their vans with pale face and cold sweats, Kangin sat beside him and put Eeteuk’s head on his shoulder while he wrapped an arm around Eeteuk’s small frame. Kangin hummed under his breath into Eeteuk’s ear to ease his fear. Eeteuk would close his eyes and smile, feeling protected in Kangin’s embrace. When he silently cried at night in his bed, Kangin came to his bedroom and lied beside him. Eeteuk would shifted in his position so his face was buried in Kangin’s warm chest and let his guard down, feeling sad and relieve at the same time. Sad because he wasn’t able to do anything and relieve because there was someone with him to share his guilt.

Eeteuk wipes away his tear and heaves a sigh. The clock on the wall shows that it’s 3.30 in the morning and he still can’t sleep. He hears the sound of the dorm door closing and footsteps in the hallway. His bedroom door is suddenly opened from outside and he can feel someone comes inside the room even though it’s dark. A ray of light shines from outside and casts a shadow on the figure that is slowly approaching his bed. He doesn’t need to open his eyes to know who it is.

Slowly, he feels another body slips into his blanket and lies beside him. “Jungsu”, this person whispers and Eeteuk turns his body to him and finally opens his eyes. Kangin stares at him affectionately and smiles. Eeteuk can’t help but smiles as well as he sees Kangin’s adorable raccoon face. Kangin leans forward and captures Eeteuk lips in a loving kiss. The kiss is sweet and calming. And Eeteuk can feel the first sign of sleepiness comes to him. He yawns and Kangin chuckles softly. “Sleep”, he says and Eeteuk smiles. Kangin pulls Eeteuk’s body closer and Eeteuk can feel a sense of warmth envelops him. “I love you, Youngwoon”, Eeteuk says before he closes his eyes and sleeps. “I love you too, Jungsu”, Kangin whispers back and goes to sleep as well.

And even in his sleep, Eeteuk smiles.



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Title: Heartbeat
Author: keyla_yeppo
Pairing: Kangin/Eeteuk
Genre: Fluff... I think
Rating: General
Disclaimer: This my first fanfiction so excuse the grammatical error and I do not own Super Junior even though I wish I do
Summary: For Kangin, Eeteuk is his heartbeat

Dedicated to shaniskara... I have fulfilled my promise now, dongsaeng!


For Kangin, Eeteuk is his heartbeat

Kangin clearly remembered the first time he saw Eeteuk. It was a beautiful starry night and he was out with some friends for a drink. He remembered coming back just past midnight to the dorm that he shared with other SM trainees. He was a little bit drunk at that time, stumbling along the way to the door of his dorm. He remembered he stepped into the dorm but instead of heading to his bedroom he headed towards thebalcony. He thought that maybe he could get some fresh air to help him sober a little bit. The dorm that Kangin shared with his friends was at the 5th floor and the balcony of their apartment had a nice of view of the city. He opened the slide door and stepped out to the balcony, holding onto the railing. Kangin remembered looking up and saw the stars.

He breathed deeply and closed his eyes for a moment before opening it just to find the most breathtaking thing or person ever. There, just two balconies away on his left probably in the 7th floor, stood the most beautiful person Kangin had ever seen. ‘He isn’t even a person. He has to be an angel’, Kangin thought. The angel had short silky brown hair. His skin was so fair that it reminded Kangin of the milk Kangin drank this morning. And Kangin just wanted to kiss the tip of the angel’s pointed nose. The angel closed his eyes, a soft smile painted on his flawless face. A small dimple showing from the left side of his mouth. Kangin just gaped at the sight. He suddenly forgot how to breathe. His heart stopped beating for a couple of seconds.

The angel finally opened his eyes and heaved a content sigh at the beautiful stars on the sky. He suddenly turned back and went inside his apartment, leaving Kangin dumbfounded. The next morning, Kangin couldn’t get the angel out of his head.  He was sober enough to know that what he saw last night was a reality. He began to wait at the balcony after midnight for the angel but he never saw him again after that fateful night.


For Kangin, Eeteuk is his hearbeat


Nearly five months after that night, Kangin was summoned to the SM headquarter. He was finally gonna be put into a group. After Four Seasons project was cancelled, Kangin actually learnt to not hope so much in stuffs like this. He came into one of the offices in the 23rd floor and found ten boys already sitting there. There was a man in his late 20s introduced him to the ten boys and said that they were the members of the group Kangin was in.

Suddenly the door was opened and another man in his late 20s walked in with someone trailing behind him. He shook hands with Kangin who stood the closest to the door and finally introduced the man who walked behind him as Eeteuk, the leader of the newly formed group, Super Junior. Kangin’s heart stopped beating.

It was the angel

Eeteuk smiled his dimpled smile and shook Kangin’s hand. Kangin remembered that he couldn’t properly breathe. The angel’s hand was so soft like cotton. Kangin could smell strawberry shampoo from the angel’s hair as they stood close to each other. The other boys in the room crowded around Kangin and Eeteuk. Kangin didn’t even hear the noises as the other members introduced themselves to their leader. Eeteuk kept smiling as the members noisily introduced themselves to him. Kangin firmly gazed at the older man who was now in squashed between Hyukjae and Donghae, the hyper members of the group.


For Kangin, Eeteuk is his heartbeat


Almost a year after their debut, it was announced that a new member was gonna be added to the group. The members had been so nervous about it. They were afraid that the new member wouldn’t like them or worse was an arrogant brat. At that time, the members had playfully pointed Eeteuk as Umma and Kangin as Appa. At first, Kangin was angry. He was still young but he was already called Appa. Moreover, he didn’t want 10 boisterous boys as his son. Soon, the thought changed. If Eeteuk was their Umma and Kangin was their Appa that meant that Eeteuk was his. That thought alone made Kangin’s heart bubbled with happiness. He had always dreamt Eeteuk as his since the first time Kangin saw him.

Unlike the other members, Eeteuk was excited of the news. He was so happy that he would get another baby. The rumors said that the new member was born in 1988, making him the youngest in the group. Some people rumored that the new member had an incredible voice. That’s why he was chosen even without a long time of training like the other members.

Kangin remembered that after hearing the news, Eeteuk had approached him. He squealed in delight and hugged Kangin tight. Kangin couldn’t be happier than that. Kangin patted his back softly while Eeteuk mumbling something about how nice it was to have another baby added to the family. Eeteuk abruptly let go of Kangin. He wondered out loud what if the fans didn’t like the new member. A frown etched on Eeteuk’s face. Kangin caressed his frown softly and said that there was no way the fans wouldn’t like the new member. He was KangTeuk’s baby; of course the fans would like him. Eeteuk chuckled and buried his head again in Kangin’s embrace.

The next day, the new member was finally introduced to the group. His name was Kyuhyun. He was tall for his age. His face was innocent but stated that he’s very smart and mature. He had a wonderful deep voice and Kangin himself found that he admire this boy’s voice. Eeteuk just ran and hugged Kyuhyun, welcoming him to the family. The other members moved to welcome Kyuhyun as well. In this case, they also hugged him and even ruffled his hair. Kyuhyun’s face was red for embarassment.

 Kangin remembered Eeteuk had dragged him to the boy and introduced themselves as Umma and Appa of the group. Kyuhyun’s eyes widened but soon he smiled and called Kangin Appa. Eeteuk squealed and hugged the boy once more, asking Kyuhyun to call him Umma as well. Kangin chuckled. He hoped for the moment to last. Just standing there seeing Eeteuk being surrounded by their children and smiling with happiness was enough for Kangin.



For Kangin, Eeteuk is his heartbeat


Kangin just finished his schedule for the night. He was packing his bag and ready to go home. Kangin couldn’t wait to see his angel. Kangin felt so fortunate because now that they had moved to a new dorm, he could share a room with Eeeteuk. There were nights when Kangin just lied awake in his bed, staring at his sleeping angel. These were the nights where he felt that his love for Eeteuk grew even stronger. Kangin smiled at the thought of his angel probably waited for him at the dorm, welcoming him with a smile. This was the thought that made Kangin felt all the work he did was worth it, to come home to his angel’s embrace.

Kangin’s phone vibrated in his pocket. He frowned as he saw the caller ID. Eunhyuk was calling him. Eunhyuk was supposed to have a radio show with Eeteuk, Shindong and the baby of the group, Kyuhyun. He picked up Eunhyuk’s call and nearly dropped his phone after hearing what Eunhyuk said. “Our van crashed. Umma and Kyuhyun are hurt”, that was what Eunhyuk said. Kangin remembered dazing to the hospital in the speed of light. His heart stopped beating at the thought of losing his angel forever.

Kangin waited for hours beside Eeteuk’s bed, hoping for him to wake up. Eeteuk’s face was bruised and the doctors said that there were shards of glass on his back. The doctors managed to remove all the glass from his back. It took so much to make Kangin cried but there he was, crying for Eeteuk to come back to him. “I love you. Please don’t leave me. My heart can hardly beat without you”, Kangin whispered over and over again.

After hours of agony, Eeteuk finally woke up. Kangin was already asleep beside him. Eeteuk reached out a hand to touch Kangin’s head. “Youngwoon”, Eeteuk called breathlessly. Kangin instanly woke up.


Eeteuk smiled softly. Kangin suddenly broke down into tears.

“I was so afraid. I thought you were gonna leave me,” Kangin choked down between his tears. Eeteuk patted Kangin’s head, his eyes were watery also.

“I love you too much. How can I leave you? How can I leave our babies?” Eeteuk said hoarsely but still smiled. Kangin froze. He couldn’t believe his hearing. ‘Did Eeteuk just say that he loves me?’ Kangin thought.

“Jungsu, are you...” Kangin trailed off. Eeteuk cupped Kangin’s face. “I have loved you since the first time I saw you. The moment I saw you in the office, I knew that I fell for you. I was so happy when the kids decided to make us the parents of the group. That just means that you’re mine, right?” Eeteuk chuckled at the end of his sentence. Kangin just gaped at Eeteuk. By that time, Eeteuk had shifted nervously in his bed. Eeteuk looked down at his pillow for a while before turning his attention towards Kangin who was still so quiet once more.

“Just forget what I said. I was just…” Eeteuk couldn’t finish his sentence as he felt a pair of lips pressed softly against his. Eeteuk felt his eyes closing and leaned to give Kangin more access. They pulled apart after what seemed like forever. Kangin put his forehead on Eeteuk’s and whispered, “I love you”. Eeteuk smiled his most beautiful smile and Kangin stared into those deep brown orbs.

This was definitely the happiest day of Kangin’s life. His angel was finally his.


For Kangin, Eeteuk is his heartbeat


It was their first victory after a year and a half hiatus. The members had been so busy with subgroup activities that it was almost impossible to get together and record their third album. The members who were active in China came back to participate in the recording of their new album. Kibum and Heechul also spent some time despite their hectic schedule. The members had been so satisfied with their new album. The album really showed the true colors of the group. Moreover, people gave a warm welcome for their comeback and had shown a superb enthusiasm towards their album.

Their hit song finally made it to number 1 in Music Chart. They were so happy that they cried. As the leader, Eeteuk stepped up to give his speech about the victory. He shouted Kibum’s name who wasn’t there because of his schedule. He choked down a little bit during his speech but managed to carry on till the end. The members were so ecstatic. They jumped around in the waiting room with Eeteuk laughed and cried at the sight. Kangin slipped his hands around Eeteuk’s waist from the back, savoring the strawberry scent from the leader’s soft hair. Eeteuk closed his eyes and leaned back into Kangin’s embrace.  “We did it,” Kangin had whispered and Eeteuk nodded. Kangin pecked Eeteuk’s cheek and the older smiled widely. Kangin felt like anything couldn’t go wrong as he watched Eeteuk being pulled from his embrace by Sungmin and Eunhyuk.

Kangin watched as Sungmin and Eunhyuk made Eeteuk danced with them. He chuckled at the sight. He felt so fortunate that he went to drink that fateful night with his friends because if he didn’t he wouldn’t see Eeteuk and fell for him. He felt lucky to be put in Super Junior, that way he could be with Eeteuk most of the time. He felt elated to have fallen for Eeteuk, to have become parents with him for crazy eleven boys. He was happy to have Eeteuk said that he loved him and that he loved Eeteuk too. He always felt fine even though until now sometimes his heart stopped beating everytime he saw Eeteuk. He felt thankful for every moment he spent with Eeteuk for now he knew one thing.


For Kangin, Eeteuk is his heartbeat

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